Slippers !

IMG_5952Making shoes for ED is more tricky than it can seem at a first approach.

In fact I’ve been, with ups and downs, experiementing with it for some years, only to find out that I can produce a single pair here and there, but I am far from feeling that I can systemize the work.

Lately I took the occasion of a commission (from a very patient lovely lady! 😉 ) to try to make a pair of slippers which I could not only be enough happy with to sell it, but which could also help me find a system in the process of making shoes for EDs.

I must say that this experience has helped me quite much so that I really look forward to make another pair 😉

What do you think about these ? I called this “model” Fleur De Lys and it features a very nice shade of light apricot crepe fabric, faux leather insoles, a delicate crochet border, and a few vintage seed beads + other glass beads. I chose this name because the shape of the ornament reminds me of my favorite flowers 😉






A Dormeuse for Isadora

Dormeuse by Massimo B.

I have been trying to find online for a long time elements of furniture which could be fitted for an Enchanted Doll like Isadora, but I just couldn’t decide. I felt that the chairs I liked looked kind of “déjà vu”, and it was very difficult to find antique-looking elements that were also perfectly made down to the details, for instance I prefer real wood vs resins etc.
Also the details for me count a lot, and I have a mania for sculpted lion-feet 😉

Last year I was able to find a local (tuscan) artisan, friend of friends, he proposed very loosely to try to make something for me (I explained what I had envisioned) and then time passed.

The other day he came in visit to show me what he had come up with and….he took my breath away.

Still this unique piece of beauty could not stay with me, it was a brief visit so I was not able to take really nice shots of it, I think he still has to perfect a few details, but here I want to share with you a preview of this gorgeous Bed/Dormeuse he made for Isadora and me…while waiting to be able to have a “real” photoshoot where to give it all the justice it deserves 😉  I’m super excited ♥

I haven’t in all my researches online been able to find anything near this, so precisely sculpted, elegant and beautiful, all professionally hand-made. The gilding was made using the ancient techniques and he used real gold (instead of the “orone” which is commonly used now, a very “diluted” gold leaf) and I think he must have become crazy when sculpting and gilding those dots around the border 😉 although he loved to make it and said it was really a funny project.

What do you think about it?

Dormeuse by Massimo B.

Dormeuse by Massimo B.

Dormeuse by Massimo B.

Celebrating Isadora’s Birthday…

…with a little CONTEST in the Forums…..

Yes it’s been awhile since there has been some movement in that section of the Enchanted Forum, so Isadora & me decided to try some fun idea……

Here are the rules to participate in the contest, which is reserved to Enchanted Doll owners :

1- Take a photo of your Enchanted Doll where she expresses (in any way she feels like) her birthday wishes to her Enchanted Sister Isadora !

2- Publish it in this thread in the Enchanted Forum.

3- Publish it also as a comment here in Isadora’s blog post about her birthday.

4- Isadora will either choose her favorite if she has one, or she will pick a random winner if she likes all in the same way.

5- The contest will end in two sundays from now …. the 16th of Oct at midnight, Rome time.

6- The winner will receive these 3 gifts :

  • A coupon code to be used in Isadora’s etsy shop corresponding to a 20% discount on any item you fancy listed there, to be used any time in the following 6 months only on one item (rococò wigs coming soon, hint hint 😉 ).
  • This pair of earrings :


  • This hairband :


I count as Isadora’s Birth date, the day she arrived at my place and I first lay my eyes on her….the 27th of september, 2010.

I have very sweet memories of that moment… are a few photos, you can see more in this flickr album if you wish.


Artemisia, Isadora’s little sister

I’d like to “officially” introduce, in Isadora’s blog, Isadora’s little sister, the sweet dreamy ethereal Artemisia, adopted by my friend Daniela.

Faceup, “debut” dress earrings and wig by me.





Unlike Isadora, Artemisia is not a porcelain Enchanted Doll, but one of the Resin dolls of the last batch that came blank to their homes.

Here is how she looked like before my brushes gave her an expression :


She was cute blank also, wasn’t she? 🙂

Endless Softness

I love alpaca, but to make a beautiful alpaca wig this long (12″) is a very special satisfaction.

I do not order too much material at a time, because it’s quite expensive (not to speak about the usual complications with the postal services) and this is why I make them only once in a while.

Also, it’s always difficult for me to separate from such gorgeous versatile sofntess ♥ 😀

Be sure to visit my etsy shop if interested. First come…..

Etsy listing


IMG_4812 IMG_4810



First Stop Motion Video with Isadora

Hi guys !

I just wanted to share on Isadora’s blog the stop motion video we just made….

It was born as a way to show the new Masquerade Wig in all its 3D-ness…and we ended up having fun !

This is a very quick video made with Movie Maker which we didn’t find really intuitive or inspiring, but we’re looking forward to find better software so that next time the video can be slightly longer…..

We hope you enjoy!

More photographs of the Masquerade Wig will come in one of my next posts, so…stay tuned !

French Style

I am making two Rococò wigs for another type of doll (not Enchanted Dolls) and their head is a little bit larger than EDs.

Here is the first one……Isadora seems to be able to wear it (although a little bit low on the hairline).

The decoration is an antique piece in French style from 1800.







How to care for the Wigs

Hi guys!

Some of you asked how to best care for your dolls’ wigs made by me, here are a few tips on the subject, and how I myself care for Isadora’s wigs.

Keep in mind that most of my wigs are made with natural hair (mohair, cashmere, angora, alpaca, silk fiber) and only recently I have tried my hand at bamboo but so far I have only made a couple of such wigs and of course the material being very different, my tips here don’t refer to those but only to natural hair wigs, with a special note for Silk Wigs at the end of the article.

Combing / Brushing

Straight hair is the most simple to comb/brush. In my experience the natural wavy hair gets very “fluffy” like a cloud (and looks very unnatural) when combed/brushed. Also combing or brushing a wig with set curls for instance will kind of “reset” the styling (least it’s the effect you’re going for).

red wig wavy
The Cloud Effect 😉

So what I do is that I usually comb and brush straight hair, but I only comb out the most visible tangles from wavy hair, as much as it’s possible. When the time has come for the wig to get a good brushing/combing session, I gently wet the hair right after, so it returns back to a natural look, as opposed to the “cloud-effect” 😉

If I want the wet effect to last, I use a leave-in conditioner.

Fire red wig wet
Wet hair


Styiling is very easy, you can use anything which can also be used for human hair. Then also your fantasy.

For instance Marina Bychkova (the maker of my Enchanted Doll Pearl) seems to be using toothpicks, straws and pins to style curls (as seen in some of her blog posts). I have tried her method but I prefer to use some special hairclips we use in Italy. I spray the hairstyling spray onto the strand of hair I need to curl, then I curl it around an object with the intended diameter (like a brush, a pen or a  marker), then take the curl loose from the object and secure it in place with the hairclip.

I spray a little more then leave to dry. When completely dry, I just take out the hairclips and style it delicately with my fingers, as in trying to sculpt it, separating some of the strands or loosening the curls depending on the look I am going for.



For regular routine cleaning, I simply prepare some lukewarm water with some shampoo in it….and I swing the wig back and forth in it for a little while, up to the cap but no further…..I dip it in and take it out like I would do when I wash wool by hand….and then I rinse it gently and squeeze it also gently in a clean towel….then I leave it to dry (I usually put it back on Isadora’s head to dry, don’t know if it’s advisable with Resins too? probably better a dummy head….and let it dry naturally.).

This is the process you can use either to clean the wig or just to get it back to its natural shape (styled curls disappear here, but also the “cloud-effect”).

The glues I use in making the wigs are sold as water resistant, but when I washed wigs with also the cap, they tended sometimes to get a little softer, so if one theoretically started pulling the hair (like in hard combing) I feel that the wig might perhaps have been slightly damaged.

So if for some reason a heavy cleaning prooves to be necessary, and you feel you need to wash the part of the cap too, I would proceed like this : I’d dip it in the water completely, and shake gently only once or twice without insisting too much, and then rinse it without touching anything ~ no brushing nor combing ~ and then leave it to dry on your dummy.

*** EDIT: I advise my clients to do in this way for extreme prudence. I prefer this solution, rather than using glues which may be 100% repellent to water, but are also extremely toxic. This is a personal choice, I am quite aware of chemical toxicity and I choose to protect myself and my clients.***

Silk Wigs

Silk behaves differently from all types of sheep/goat/alpaca hair. It doesn’t really like water…it CAN be put in water and even dyed (I have done this for loose fibers, not yet glued onto a wig) but I wouldn’t advise to wash a silk wig. I have so far only brushed and combed ours….CIMG0833

Storing wigs

To enjoy longest possible your wigs, I very strongly suggest you always have a ball inside the cap when the wig is not on a doll’s head or on a dedicated doll stand/dummy, or the cap being semi-rigid it might with time and athmospheric agents become warped, and it might be difficult to get it back to its original shape.

One of my clients once bought second hand a wig made by me, and she asked if I could kindly “restore” it for her, as it was completely unusable when it arrived to her. This is because the cap was so misshapen that it wouldn’t sit on the doll’s head. The seller had posted it with no protection ball inside the cap, so it was squished flat in the mail and the gorgeous hair went in all directions.
It was not difficult for me to restore it to its beautiful original condition…but those are things that can be avoided with a little care.

Besides putting a ball inside the wig (or have it on a stand) I would also advise to keep it away from extreme temperatures and moist. But especially away from dust.

Rococò Wigs

Rococò wigs can for obvious reasons NOT be washed, so please have extra care in having them stored onto something that keeps the cap in shape, and they should absolutely be covered to avoid dust when not displayed.


I hope my tutorial on how to care for your doll wigs was exhaustive and useful….don’t hesitate to contact me or write a comment here if you have further questions !


Blonde Rococo’ in the making…

As much as I loved to make the last Rococo’ wig, this one I love it even more.
I can’t wait to finish it!
It is commissioned and designed for an enchanted Asian beauty of the new resin batch of Enchanted Dolls made by Marina Bychkova.
Here is a sneak peak of it… ❤

I hope to be able to make a nice photoshoot of it before shipping it ! (but I must hurry) 😉