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Artemisia, Isadora’s little sister

I’d like to “officially” introduce, in Isadora’s blog, Isadora’s little sister, the sweet dreamy ethereal Artemisia, adopted by my friend Daniela. Faceup, “debut” dress earrings and wig by me. Unlike Isadora, Artemisia is not a porcelain Enchanted Doll, but one of the Resin dolls of the last batch that came blank to their homes. Here is how… Read More Artemisia, Isadora’s little sister


Endless Softness

I love alpaca, but to make a beautiful alpaca wig this long (12″) is a very special satisfaction. I do not order too much material at a time, because it’s quite expensive (not to speak about the usual complications with the postal services) and this is why I make them only once in a while. Also, it’s always difficult for me… Read More Endless Softness

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French Style

I am making two Rococò wigs for another type of doll (not Enchanted Dolls) and their head is a little bit larger than EDs. Here is the first one……Isadora seems to be able to wear it (although a little bit low on the hairline). The decoration is an antique piece in French style from 1800.

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Powder Pink Shoes

Isadora is so happy, she got a new pair of shoes in a pretty powder pink lacy fabric ! Those will not be for sale in The Atelier ~ they are only hers (but who did I catch admiring them on her tiny feet ?) 😉 hihi typical younger sisters !!!